Well then!

It seems my password for this account wasn't lost forever...only two years or so! :-)

Brass Ring, where my Tavern began, will again take place at the Carousel Museum in Bristol, CT. This time it is TWO days instead of one and the Tavern will be open for both.

Meat pies, Ploughman's Lunch, Banger sanwiches, and this year a Bangers & Mash dinner special. Open for breakfast treats at 10AM, and a special Sunday Brunch menu running 11AM-3PM.

If you hapen to rea this post, please reply so that I know it reached somebody!

Thanks all,

George Kent, Taverner
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Brass Ring!

Brass Ring was such a hit last year they are doing it again! www.brassringct.com

George Kent and the Professor were such a hit last year (constructive criticism notwithstanding...) that we'll be back as well, with a more varied menu of intriguing comestibles sure to satisfy your gustatory needs as you make your merry way through the day's events!

Look to this space for our new and updated menu, including The Professor's own Two-Bite Apple Turnovers and George Kent's own Ale Mustard and Staffordshire Sweet Pickle.

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Mudthaw updates

This year all condiments will be made by yours truly: Mustard, Staffordshire Pickle, salad dressing, and if I have time to make it some "mushroom ketchup" (from an 18th-century recipe) for dipping the meat pies into.

Mudthaw time again!

The menu you've come to know and love: Ploughman's Lunch, Meat pies, home-made root beer and ginger beer on tap, and a couple specials (mince pies, Scotch Eggs) for as long as they last!

My usual lovely assistants will sadly not be joining me this year, so if you'd care to work for food please let me know on the day.

See you on the 22nd!

"George Kent"
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Brass Ring Academy update!

Not only is the event website updated http://www.brassringct.com/ but I can report that George Kent, Tavernkeeper and the Oak, Ash, & Thorn Tavern will indeed be making an appearance, with a new look and some new faces on the crew.

"The Best Pies in Bristol" shall be offered, in both mutton and beef, Ploughman's Lunches for those not wishing a pie, and a hearty vegetable stew for those not inclined to consume their fellow creatures.
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Next stop: Brass Ring Academy and Brass Ring Cabaret!

The website doesn't cut much dash as yet, but info is there to be found.

Date: January 4, 2014, or TWO MONTHS from today!!!!!
Time: Um...they're still working on that!
Place: New England Carousel Museum in Bristol, CT (http://www.thecarouselmuseum.org/)
What's all this, then? It's a revel and a damn fine excuse to dust off your Victoriana for a day. At night will be the Cabaret portion of the day, with yours truly staying open late to feed hungry revelers.

Meat pies ("The Best Pies in Bristol!"), Ploughman's lunch, Staffordshire pickle, and of course "pink eggs and ham" :-D
If all goes well with the upcoming experiments there will also be vegetarian pies and gluten-free pies. Wish me luck!

Did I mention that I would be the only food vendor onsite? :-D
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Well, then!

While not exactly brick & mortar, this tent should do for the traveling tavern and may open up my options for playing in other centuries and reenactment groups! Whattya think?
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Well, I've found someplace that *could* be the brick & mortar Tavern (and farm too)

But there's this little matter of being about $799,000 short of $800K!

Apparently this was an operating winery as late as last fall, with a cafe (with mixed reviews) thrown in. I'm not sure what to make of it when the (nor former) website of the winery is all about the chef who ran the cafe.  Still, it's nice to dream, or at least see some of what you might want to happen play out somewhere!

Mudthaw shakedown

Sadly I left for the event over an hour later than I had hoped to. I'm pretty sure when I was not there at 10:30 people assumed I wasn't coming...actually, some people told me that was the case. Also, despite being there for several years, some may have assumed that "no dayboard at the event" also meant no food merchants as a LOT of people brought their own food. Not a complaint, just what was.

What worked: Meat pies, mince pies, root beer & ginger beer ("Careful! It bites back!"), the sealed jars of Staffordshire Pickle...and letting one little lady try some for the first time and watching her face light up. She got a free cupful of it later on, since any young palate that adventurous deserves a reward :-)

What didn't work: Ploughman's Lunch (not many sold), vegetable stew (fair to middling sales), spiced fool (one sold; gave the rest away).

Also, I really should pay attention to the quantity of bread rolls in a case. See, I thought there were 60 per case, but there were 120...and I bought 2 cases! Since I would much rather give food away than throw it away, I did so. While I had a lot of Ploughman's Lunch fixings left over, I was able to pay with food those who helped me during the day, and the tip jar (AKA "Todd/Lovett Tax" jar) gave a couple bucks cash to the two lovely ladies who stuck with me all day.

In addition to all that stuff, I got to see friends I don't see often and be there to congratulate others who were recognized for what they do and who they are. And I have some new pants, but I'll save that for posting elsewhere!

In short...not a bad day's work for this Chef.
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